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Helen’s gluten free dessert crumble mix

Helen’s dessert gluten free crumble mix - Product Review

After the excesses of the Christmas season the GF&G household is attempting to live off freezer meals and eat more fruit and veg.

Those last few words are likely to send my 7yo into a bit of a spin and declarations of how horrid I am!  So in my role as horrid mother and needing to use up some cooking apples I set about trying Helen’s wheat and gluten free dessert crumble mix.   The mix is made of millet, rice flour and sugar.

dessert mix 257x300 Helens gluten free dessert crumble mix
Helen’s gluten free desert crumble mix. picture courtesy http://foodbyhelen.com/

It’s incredibly easy to use, all you need to do is rub in butter and water and viola you have a crumble mix. But first I cooked the apples in 175g  demerara sugar  and a 100ml water along very similar lines to Phil Vickery’s toffee apple crumble recipe in which he uses granulated sugar (without the crumble of course).

The result was a gorgeous, dark, toffee like substance which jostled rather cosily in the pan alongside the apples.  Once cooked, all I had to do was place the fruit in a dish, sprinkle the crumble over it and bake for 30+ minutes.

Now, over the years I have made numerous gluten free crumble mixes which to be honest have not been a success with the GF&G family.  I absolutely LOVE crumble especially as it’s a way of getting more fruit into everyone’s diet, including a reluctant 7yo.  So I waited with great anticipation for the verdict on Helen’s gluten free  dessert crumble mix! 


 Helens gluten free dessert crumble mix
Apple crumble made with Helen’s desert crumble mix Picture GF&G

The groans that followed my dessert announcement were actually silenced by the sound of spoons scraping bowls.  The crumble texture was light, crunchy and sweet whilst the fruit had a wonderful toffee like taste.

There was a resounding thumbs up from everyone with an average score being given to Helen’s gluten free dessert crumble mix of 9/10.  My 9yo insisted that a 10/10 score was impossible because nothing’s perfect!

Helen’s mixes are free from additives, artificial colourings and flavourings. The crumble mix is £1.99 and is available from Sainsbury’s and online from www.foodbyhelen.com

I was sent Helen’s dessert crumble mix to try and also the chocolate cupcake mix but I’ve had too much chocolate over Christmas to try that one just now!  As ever the PRs know I will write an honest review and send me the products on that basis.  As ever this review reflects my own thoughts on the product. 

©Maria Brannigan 2014

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  1. Hi there, recently found your interesting blog. Just a comment on crumble toppings which applies to normal and gluten free. I learned this ftip rom a Raymond Blanc programme a few years ago. After you have made the crumble, spread it out evenly on some greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Toast it in the oven for 5 mins until slightly browned and crunchy, then use to top the fruit as usual. It stops the crumble absorbing too much liquid from the fruit and becoming soggy!

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