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Helen’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix

I was low on treat items for the children’s lunch boxes and more importantly in need of indulgence for myself.   After a brief rummage in the cupboard I discovered a packet of Helen’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix.

Helens chocolate cupcake mix 257x300 Helen’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix
Helen’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix
Picture courtesy Helen’s

Now, I’m not normally one for mixes, preferring to make things from scratch.  However, I’ve been sent a few of Helen’s mixes to try and have already reviewed her crumble mix which you can read about here.

Whilst it slightly goes agains the grain for me, I can appreciate the appeal of merely opening a packet with everything already weighed out and only a minimum amount of ingredients required.

I enjoy baking so the GF&G children and indeed I are a tad spoilt in that category.  So, as I opened the packet I wondered, “could Helen’s chocolate cupcake mix pass the strict GF&G taste test?”

Helen’s chocolate cupcake mix is wheat and gluten free and merely requires eggs, butter and water.  It really is very easy.  You can tell the cocoa powder is a good quality one when you’re mixing the ingredients together as the aroma is simply wonderful.

A bit of background info. Helen’s chocolate cupcake mix is one of a range developed by qualified nutritionist and food scientist Helen O’Dowd.  Helen believes in staying as close to nature as possible and doesn’t use preservatives or flavourings in her products.  Helen’s is definitely a company to watch as their quick seeded bread mix has been shortlisted in this year’s FreeFrom Food Awards.

Back to the chocolate cupcakes which were so easy to make, baked beautifully and once cooled sat the GF&G taste test.

Helens cupcakes in tray e1394547389970 225x300 Helen’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix
A trayful of heavenly cupcakes made with Helen’s chocolate cupcake mix

Wow!  They were amazing, really light and very, very chocolatey!  They didn’t taste like an inferior “packet mix” at all.  The mixture is rich so I opted out on the buttercream icing which is suggested on the packet.

Helen’s chocolate cupcake mix even passed the scrupulous palettes of the gluten eating GF&G children.  It was a big thumbs up all round!  We gave the product a GF&G score of 10/10!

The cupcake mix has a RRP of £2.69 and is available from food by helen, Ocado and selected Sainsbury’s and Asda stores. 

What gluten free packet mixes do you use?  Are they worth it or is it purely out of convenience?

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6 thoughts on “Helen’s Chocolate Cupcake Mix”

  1. What good timing for me to find your site! I was assigned to bring gluten free dessert to a card party this weekend, and had no idea what to make! Thanks for all the ideas, and I will see if I can find this cupcake mix.

    1. Hi Jessica

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m So pleased glutenfreeandgorgous helped you out with your gluten free desert dilemma. Did you find the cupcake mix or did you try one of the other made from scratch recipes?

        1. Hi Jessica

          Thanks for getting in touch, so pleased the cupcake mix worked well for you. It’s great to have a easy to use packet in the cupboard for a quick chocolate fix!

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