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The River Cobbler

Who’s heard of the River Cobbler?  Do you even know what it is? Ah,ah it’s a fish!

I want to eat more fish but don’t really know what to do with it, except to make a fish pie which always seems to take an age.  So when I spotted Bart Fish Seasoning on the supermarket shelves, checked it didn’t contain any wheat, I purchased it toute suite with much enthusiasm to do just that.  And so the said product was transferred from the supermarket shelf to my rather more dusty shelf.  And thereupon it sat.

Until that is I had further incentive to achieve my goal when Sainsbury’s asked if I liked to take up their River Cobbler challenge.  They have introduced the River Cobbler fish to their range because it’s responsibly farmed in the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) and is seen as an alternative to Cod and Haddock. Interestingly it is also a more cost effective option at around £9 per kg instead of £13.99 for haddock fillets or £15.38 cod fillets (prices according to Sainsbury’s website).

So with the River Cobbler fillets now purchased, I reacquainted myself with the slightly dusty part of my cupboard to locate the Bart Fish seasoning.  It all seems remarkably easy.  All you have to do is press a little of the lemon and pepper seasoning in some slashes you’ve already made in the fish and pop it into the oven.

This arduous task completed I checked on the new potatoes I’d put on to boil earlier and commencing rummaging in the far recesses of the fridge for vegetables.

Feeling rather virtuous that I actually found some that weren’t too well past their best I felt rather pleased at having created such a healthy, gluten free meal!

I would normally post a photo of said meal here but although I took one it seems to have disappeared into the internet ether icon sad The River Cobbler  for which I apologise.  So, instead here is a picture of what the River Cobbler looks like in it’s packaged form.. 

river cobbler 1 300x184 The River Cobbler
River Cobbler fillet by Sainsbury’s, photo courtesy of Sainsbury’s

And so I can report that the River Cobbler does indeed have a light and flaky texture and a mild taste very similar to cod and haddock, but less “meaty” in texture.  My husband and I really enjoyed the lemony and peppery Bart’s rub on the fish and all in all thought the meal a success on feeding our “we need to eat more fish” desire and “it’s responsibly sourced” need to help the planet.

I would definitely buy River Cobbler again and will endeavour to expand my fish recipe collection of now two fail safe recipes.  Do you have an easy fish recipe I could try?

Just so you know….. Sainsbury’s sent me a voucher to buy the fish with but I had free rein to do what I wanted with it.  Be assured, I always write honest reviews regardless of whether I’ve been sent the product or the means to purchase it with.  

©MariaBrannigan 2013

Would you know it, the missing picture has turned up and here it is…

Cobbler  225x300 The River Cobbler
River Cobbler meal with Barts Fish herbs

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