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My favourite gluten free recipes

I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite gluten free recipes.  These are the ones that are guaranteed to work time after time and always hit the mark on the taste and feel good scale.

Gluten Free Brownies 2 300x179 My favourite gluten free recipes
Gluten free brownies

In at number 1 is the Doves Farm brownie recipe which I often make as a gift and is guaranteed to go down well whoever I give it to.  Often to cries of “these can’t be gluten free,  I need the recipe!”  It’s so easy to make,  uses store cupboard ingredients  and is always a success.  Check out the recipe here.


flapjack 300x300 My favourite gluten free recipes
A gluten free and gorgeous flapjack packed with oats

At number 2 it has to be flapjacks which the GF&G husband often asks for to keep him going during  unsociable working hours.  Again it’s a fail safe recipe which works just as well with gluten free oats as regular oats .  Also, you can add whatever dried fruit and nuts you have in the cupboard.  The oats keep you going and they taste divine, great for adults and children alike.  Try this flapjack recipe, I’m sure it’ll become one of your favourite gluten free recipes too!


mac4 300x179 My favourite gluten free recipes
gluten free macaroni cheese

A winter meal time favourite with the GF&G children is macaroni cheese.   They are gluten eaters so for ease I make one batch of gluten free cheese sauce but two lots of pasta.  Then just pour the sauce over the individual pasta dishes.  Simple and comforting on a dark winters evening.

What are your failsafe gluten free recipes?  Are they ones that stun other people or just easy comforting meals for yourself?  Do tell!

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One thought on “My favourite gluten free recipes”

  1. Great choices of recipes! I have a few favourites on my blog, including, lasagne, Gin Chicken (believe me its amazing!) lots of quinoa salads, and roasted kale, beets and goats cheese salad is particularly yummy at this time of year.

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